Procurement services

By administering or assisting our clients in the acquisition of products to fulfill the design criteria OFCworkscapes is able to leverage our purchasing power and employ our extensive product knowledge to provide the best possible value to our clients.  Our many years of industry experience and intimate knowledge of product options help us negotiate effectively with vendors and manufacturers without sacrificing quality.


Tenant Planning

At times our clients simply need to see how they can fit into a given space or evaluate the suitability of alternative locations. Tenant Planning, working through a real estate professional or directly with our clients can provide an economical way to do so. While we feel it is always preferable to do in-depth planning and research, this is not always possible. Often we find our clients are "under the gun" to acquire space and time is of the essence. In such cases Tenant Planning can satisfy this requirement.

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facility/location assistance

Based on the Master Plan and other defined criteria, we work with our clients to identify potential lease or building sites/locations.  This may involve working with or at times recommending real estate professionals, architects, builders or other parties to be sure the best possible alternatives are researched and evaluated.

Providing High Performance Workplace Solutions that cultivate creativity, innovation, teamwork and productivity.

Workplace assessment

This service involves an initial study of the organization including corporate climate, functional and workflow descriptions, reporting relationships, forecasted technology/policy changes, potential for and likelihood of growth by workgroup, management goals and priorities, expected or planned organizational changes, and corporate identity/image objectives.

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Master planning

Master Planning includes gathering and processing relevant information regarding: individual, group, and common workplace needs; growth projections; proximity requirements; location and budget criteria.  Based on this information, typically, Bubble Diagrams, Block Plans and 1, 3 and 5 year space plans are developed.  This aids the organization in planning for the acquisition or absorption of additional space as needed.

Architecture/interior design

We work closely with a select group of strategic architecture and interior design partners to make sure the planning and research conducted in the preceding steps translate into an effective, responsive solution for our clients' workplace needs.  This partnership is the best way to deliver on time and on budget facilities that result in the least possible disruption of your operation.

Office Facility Consultants


project management

Every project has its unique requirements and conditions.  We tailor our Project Management services to the particular needs of our clients. Establishing a Critical Path Schedule is the first and most critical step in the process but variables that need to be planned for include product lead times, coordination of trades and subcontractors, permitting, move management, inspections, and installation.  We endeavor to relieve our clients of as much of this activity as possible so that they are able to conduct business in their usual manner while transitioning to their new space.

Design/build services

OFCworkscapes is able to organize a team of professionals that can provide the full range of services for a Design/Build Project. We have strategic partnerships with architects, engineers, designers, contractors and financial institutions and can help our clients streamline the building process. Design/Build is often the best method to deliver a truly cost-effective and responsive facility in a timely manner.